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What is Corporate Integrative Health Coaching?

Corporate Integrative Health Coaching is being considered as the newest tool for sustainable change, providing optimal education and care to people working in hospitals, organizations, and communities. It addresses individual-level concerns with one-on-one coaching support while also promoting wellness across the organization.

The Nickerson Institute's program is unique in that its foundation is based in mental health — how the mind can be trained to better care for itself, the body and spirit.
Graphic showing biopsychosocial model of care

The Nickerson Institute's program is based on the biopsychosocial model of health and therefore covers areas of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  

Why is health coaching so important?

Corporate Integrative Health Coaching has been determined as the missing link in healthcare and the newest tool for sustainable change. It bypasses the mental illness stigma and is the most modern method of providing optimal care and education to people working in hospitals, organizations, and communities.

Hospitals are able to save millions of dollars each year because of enhanced productivity, decreased medical errors, diminished sick leave, and fewer off on short or long term disabilities. Corporate Integrative Health Coaches teach healthcare professionals and hospital staff effective mindfulness stress management techniques, tools for changing fear-based or sabotaging beliefs, evidence-based nutritional changes to support energy and clarity of thought in constant high-stress environments, natural strategies and coping for reducing anxiety, spiritual practices to stay grounded…and much, much more!  The Corporate Integrative Health Coach Training program teaches coaches how to address the whole person – including the mind, emotions, spirit, and body.

Integrative Health Coaching (IHC) is the most necessary career position in all forms of health care. Going beyond eating healthy and exercising, IHC involves much more. This method enables coaches to address stress that depletes the immune system, decrease symptoms of physical pain and illnesses caused by negative thoughts and emotions, and teach mindfulness strategies of relaxation that create positive outcomes before and after surgeries. By including neuroscience in this training, students are able to go a step beyond regular health coaches. IHC helps creates a psychoactive space that triggers learning and neurogenesis (new neurons in the brain). IHC helps the client stay relaxed during the session, allowing them to develop new neuropathways and synapses in the brain, especially as they relate to interpersonal relationships, leading to improved thought, emotional, and behavioral patterns.

Research has shown that the coach’s ability to hold the emotional state of another, fosters changes in the brain of the client, ultimately creating ‘a-ha’ moments that change the course of life forever.

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Instructor Information

Dr. Wendy Nickerson smiling

The principle instructor of this program is Dr. Wendy Nickerson, founder of the Nickerson Institute for Integrative Health Training, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Canada  and the United States, university instructor to graduate students in Counselling Education and Behavioral Health Sciences, and author of “Wild Women Never Get The Blues”.

You can read Dr. Nickerson’s full bio on this page.