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Jeannette Folan, RHC
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You may have heard the terms ascension, the shift, or 3D / 5D. What does it all mean and why is it affecting you?

The universe / multiverse is going through a major growth spurt — as is humankind. As more intense energies move through our planetary system, some people on earth are experiencing physical, mental and emotional symptoms of what is called "ascension" or "the shift".

Those who are not aware of what's happening, sometimes think they are going crazy: erratic thoughts, disorientation, seeing/hearing things, feeling 'out of body', feeling overly anxious or depressed. If this resonates with you, hang on. There is relief.

Are you ready to take the next step on this journey?

Helping you shift...

Topics included in the course.

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What is Ascension?

...and why is it so darn painful? In the course introduction, we'll explore the terminology and mechanics of the energy shift in the universe and your light body expansion.

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A complete review of 37 body, mind, emotional and behavioral symptoms associated with the ascension process including some unique hacks for relief.

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Facing Your Fears

In this module, we'll discuss some of the common fears associated with making the shift and offer gentle guidance for releasing resistance and anxiety.

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Bridging Two Worlds

Living between the 3D and 5D worlds isn't easy. This module will help you adjust your perspective, expectations and resilience.

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Beyond simply relieving the symptoms of the ascension process, these strategies will help your physical, mental and emotional energy bodies to acclimate and balance the new earth energy.

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Teachers & More

In the closing module, we'll review the 12 keys of the ascension process and introduce the instructor's favorite spiritual teachers.

“Be mindful of what you say, how you describe your journey to others, where you state you are on your path and what you believe will happen next. Collectively, the light quotient is increasing  – which means the co-creation of your individual reality is increasingly more in your control.  Do not accept things as ‘status quo’.  You can edit the story at any time.” 

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Wherever you are on your journey now, I hope you will remember that you are not alone — and that you're doing this work for all of humanity.

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Who should take this course?
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Those on a path of higher consciousness seeking support and encouragement to reconnect with their true self
Mental health and wellness professionals looking to support their clients in their spiritual development
Parents of teens who are struggling with the symptoms of ascension
A Down To Earth Guide To Ascension — Standard Course
5-Hour Online Course


5+ hours of video instruction
Exercises practiced with instructor and more to do on your own
Colorful worksheets, activities, infographics, audio and mobile-friendly guidebooks
Extra resources to help support you on your journey after the course
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Instructor Information

Jeannette Folan

The principle instructor of this program is Jeannette Folan, Registered Integrative Health Coach — graduate of the Nickerson Institute training program.

Jeannette has been journaling her ascension journey since 2013, studying a wide range of strategies (from self-hypnosis and energy testing to Bengston Healing and beyond) and experimenting with her own fun, creative techniques that invoke curiosity and self-compassion. In 2017 she dedicated herself full time to holistic and spiritual care, becoming a health coach, educator and advocate.

She's presented workshops across North America to mental health professionals and the mainstream population. She's an enthusiastic member of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology and can often be heard as a guest presenter on online summits and podcasts related to highly sensitives/empaths and spiritual awakening.  To learn more about her, visit her website.


"Thank you for offering yourself and insights to create the Ascension Program. I will incorporate much of it in my counselling and my own growth."

Barbara Gilmore, RCP, MPCC | Victoria, BC
"Thank you for providing this course. The title is reflective of the content as it is a "down to earth" guide. It has been reassuring and invaluable. I found each module helpful at different points when I chose to engage with them. I particularly enjoyed the strategies module and learning about the four modern spiritual teachers of whom I had not yet come across. I very much look forward to exploring their teachings too. Your course is a blessing which will change lives. I feel loved and supported by the Universe through this process. Much love. Namaste."

Michelle Williamson

"I thought I was going crazy. Thank you for validating that I'm not. This was an invaluable class."

N. Reed | Chicago, IL
"I appreciated the information and the way it is presented.  When I started the course, I didn't really understand what ascension meant.  The personal stories from the presenter were so helpful to me."

Cheryl White
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