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Rev Kristi Miller
Cornelius, NC | US

HSP counseling, spiritual counseling, Psych-K facilitator, Energy Medicine, Energy Readings using a DNA Sample, Emotional Freedom Technique facilitator, Reiki Master, specializing in blending Bach Flower Remedies, Vibropathics, and herbs.

The Energy Readings use an individuals DNA (energy essence) to provide helpful insight to the true underlying root issues a person is experiencing. The readings look at the individual as a whole on all levels of their being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). The information provided from the reading helps them understand areas where support is needed, which is often hidden. Then solutions are offered based on what their energy is telling me.

The Energy Readings can also be used to support the therapist or counselor to better understand their client which will help them live a happier more fulfilling life by getting to the root issues.

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