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In an effort to expand the holistic mental health field worldwide, we are offering an affiliate-referral program for two of the Nickerson Institute programs: the Integrative Health Coach Training Program and the Highly Sensitive Person Certification Course.

Whether you are a former student, a professional organization, or a full-time affiliate, this referral program is easy to participate in and offers generous terms and fees.

How does the affiliate program work?

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Request an Invite

Let us know that you want to be an official affiliate for one or both health programs. Sign-up form is below.

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Verify Your Account

If you're approved for the program, an email invitation will be sent to you asking you to log into your new affiliate account.

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Log In

Upon log-in, you'll be asked to set up a password. You'll then be asked to review and accept the terms of the program.

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Copy Your Link

In your affiliate profile, you'll find a unique URL link that tracks the clicks and purchases. Copy and paste it somewhere handy!

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Promote the Course(s)

After being accepted into the program, you'll receive marketing material you can use to promote the course(s) in an email, social media, blogs, etc.

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Collect Commissions

Every time someone clicks on your unique tracking link and then purchases the Nickerson Institute program(s), you'll be credited with that sale!

Terms & Commissions

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  • $500 referral commission (valid only on full-price enrollment - not scholarship enrollments)
  • 3 month cookie expiry
  • Quarterly commission payments
  • 90 day hold on commissions (for refund policy)

Affiliate Sign Up Form

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