The Decode Your Burnout Podcast with Dr. Sharon Grossman -  Dr. Wendy Nickerson shares her unique burnout story of how she overcame burnout not once but twice. She also unpacks how burnout can be cancer-like and debunks the following thought-provoking burnout myths:
1. Burnout is a form of depression
2. Burnout can be remedied by slowing down
3. We should be able to withstand ongoing pressure

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January 31, 2023

Beyond with Ben Bobo — Dr. Wendy Nickerson is a guest on this video show that explores personal growth with thought leaders from various generations and industries.

June 15, 2020

Cultivating Clinical Skills Training — Changing Paradigms: A holistic approach to mental health care during the COVID-19 global crisis

From California Southern University
April 3, 2020

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Bevin Niemann of The Shift Network interviews Dr. Wendy Nickerson at the Evolved Empath Summit 2020

"Healing Emotional Pain That Is Not Yours"
March 2020

Dr. Wanda Lee MacPhee of Beyond Your Wildest Genes interviews Dr. Wendy Nickerson

"Holistic Mental Health Coaching — The Leading Edge"
Spring 2017

Dr. Christine Sauer interviews Dr. Wendy Nickerson on the Healthy Alternatives show

October 26, 2017


"Wild Women Never Get The Blues"
How to tap into your intuition to create your best life

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