Do I need a degree to participate in this program?

No, it is not necessary to have a degree, however some hiring organizations favor those that have a degree in addition to the IHC training.  It is more important that you have an interest and passion for mind, body, spirit wellness.

I am already a Mental Health Practitioner. How would this program help me?

This program teaches techniques and strategies related to holistic mental health. This includes mind, body and spirit. Most people trained in mental health only have the mind techniques, however research has repeatedly indicative that an integrative approach produce much more sustainable results.

How much time will I need to complete the modules and the coursework?

You will need approximately 10 hours per module. There are 15 modules.  If you take the live course over 15 weeks, you will need at least 10 hours per week for attending the lessons and completing the assignments.

Do I need to finish the course in 15 weeks?

If you take the live course with live weekly 90-minute webinars with Dr. Nickerson, you will need to complete the course in 15 weeks.  However, if you take the self-paced version of the course (recordings of Dr. Nickerson teaching the course material) you will have one year to complete the course.

What type of homework assignments will I have?

You will be given a discussion question and a written assignment vignette for each module.  In addition, you will be continuously working on your personalized toolbox throughout the program.  There will also be opportunities to audiotape portions of sessions and a whole session to demonstrate your application of the skills taught.

Can I make payments?

Yes, you can make payments of $850 USD per month for 4 months.  The first payment is due before the beginning of the first session. The following 3 payments will be scheduled every 30 days after.

Will I get help with setting up my business, visibility and ongoing support?

Yes,after completion of the course you will receive 4 sessions on important aspects of setting up your business.  This will cover areas of social media, proper forms, brochures, website, and powerpoint presentations, for example.  In addition,you will be given access to our monthly meetings so you can engage with other IHCs and discuss projects and gain support.

You will also gain visibility on the Nickerson Institute website with your personalized one-page Integrative Health Coaching business web page. This professional webpage will be located on the Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training website, under “Find an Integrative Health Coach”.

Could I get hired somewhere as Registered Health Coach instead of working for myself?

Health coaching is becoming more popular, however it is still in its beginning stages. More urban areas hire health coaches, whereas in rural areas it is better to start your own business.

What types of organizations might hire a Registered Health Coach?
  • Hospitals
  • Health Insurance companies
  • Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Assisted-living facilities
  • Obesity clinics
  • Pain management and treatment centers
  • Pre-surgical care
  • Heart disease centers
  • Holistic/naturopathic wellness centers
  • Substance abuse treatment centers
How is this program different from most other health coaching programs?

This program focuses on mental health in addition to physical and spiritual health. It also focuses on behavioral nutrition as it relates to mental health; and on psychoneuroimmunology, and that is a big word for how the mind, thoughts and stress create illness in the body. Most other program focus on nutrition and exercise.

Is this program accredited? What will my ‘title’ be after I graduate?

Yes, the program is accredited with the Canadian Health Coach Alliance and with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Upon graduation and registration with one/both of these organizations, you will receive the designation of Registered Health Coach.

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Payment Options

Whether you take the 15-week live course or the self-paced video course, you can choose to pay with either one full payment or 4 monthly payments.

Full Payment
$3,299 US

Upon approval of your application, you will receive a link to make your electronic payment which is due prior to start of course.

Payment Plan
4 Months x $850 US

Upon approval of your application and submission of payment information, you will be charged every 30 days for a 4 month period.