Wild Women
Never Get The Blues

Dr. Wendy Nickerson

We all want to be our best selves.  Often times mental health challenges become stumbling blocks to accessing our highest self and living our best lives.  Yet the brain is very moldable and when we practice new thought, emotional and energy patterns will shift, bringing us closer to who we really are.  A woman who masters this is a Wild Woman – one who has reclaimed her authentic self and her natural instincts, and lives in the highest form of her existence.  She is not afraid to take off her conditioned masks.


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Wild Women Never Get The Blues book cover

Thrive in a Higher State of Consciousness: A portrait of a WILD WOMAN

A wild woman…

Audio excerpts from the book

Wild Women Never Get The Blues - Intro

Change your automatic pilot (2:45)

Unconditional love (3:05)

The truth is larger than the facts (4:40)

Listening to the voice of your soul (3:52)

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