Program Information

Self-paced video program
with Live bi-weekly meetings
200 hours
Registered Health Coach (RHC)
American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
Health Coach Alliance (HCA)
Canadian Association of Integrative Nutrition (CAIN)
Dr. Wendy Nickerson
$3,799 US single payment or installment plan available

Program Overview & Content

The Integrative Health Coaching Program focuses on training the mind to aid in the healing of mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. It encompasses interwoven evidence-based aspects of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, neuroscience, health psychology, positive psychology, energy psychology and behavioral nutrition. Healing aspects of spirituality and the power of perception, insight, awareness, thoughts, and words are taught throughout this course.


This virtual and interactive 15-module Integrative Health Coach Training Program provides the latest evidence-based techniques and strategies (mind-body-spirit) covering the following session topics:

  • Ethics, boundaries, and the biopsychosocial model of care.
  • Communication and motivational interviewing.
  • Using cognitive behavioral coaching strategies for reducing depression.
  • Using rational-emotive coaching for reducing anxiety.
  • Alternative treatments for depression and anxiety.
  • Detecting suicide.  No stone left unturned.
  • The truth about food – know the details.
  • Foods and nutrients that determine the quality of mental health.
  • Helping clients work through the stages of grief and loss.
  • Stress and Coping:  Mindfulness evidence-based techniques.
  • The mind-body effects of trauma.
  • Chronic Pain and Illness:  The mind-body connection and the importance of thoughts and emotions on healing physical pain.
  • Dealing with the issues of the elderly population.
  • Teen depression and substance usage (spiritual revolution).
  • Develop advocacy skills - scoping out your community.


At the end of this course, the participant will…

  • Evaluate theories, concepts, and treatments in behavioral nutrition, issues concerning the elderly, teens, and those experiencing substance usage.
  • Assess the interaction of foods and nutrients with brain functioning, mental health, and behavior.
  • Understand the differences between the biomedical and the biopsychosocial model of healthcare.
  • Evaluate and discuss the ethical and cultural guidelines of an integrative health coach.
  • Develop a personalized integrative health coaching toolbox.
  • Understand the importance of setting boundaries in health coaching relationships.
  • Develop skills for effective communication, listening, and intuition.
  • Practice motivational interviewing skills and techniques.
  • Understand and assimilate cognitive-behavioral and rational-emotive coaching skills.
  • Recognize symptoms of anxiety and depression and choose appropriate alternative coaching treatments for each.
  • Detect and assess suicide risk and develop an action plan.
  • Understand and synthesize the issues related to grief and loss.
  • Develop a repertoire of mindfulness stress reduction techniques.
  • Develop an understanding and knowledge base of the relationships between mental health issues and physical disorders.
  • Assess and combine a list of community healthcare resources and organizations.
  • Demonstrate your ability to conduct an integrative health coaching session with a client.
  • Understand and integrate concepts of trauma and the seriousness of this condition on mental and physical health.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write a blog article and give a 20-minute presentation on a holistic mental health topic of  your choice.


  • A passion and interest in ultimate mind, body, spirit wellness.
  • A genuine strong desire to help others achieve optimal health and lead happy lives.
  • A personality that leads to developing rapport and positive relationships with others.
  • An ability to complete the 200 hour program within 12 months.
  • All education levels are appropriate; however, a university degree or post-secondary education is preferred.

This course is also appropriate for:

  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Massage therapists
  • Holistic practitioners
  • Psychologists/therapists
  • Social workers
  • Individuals wanting a change of career
  • Entrepreneurs

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive:

  • A digital certificate accredited by the AADP and CHA/CAIN (hardcopy also available)
  • A seal from the Nickerson Institute confirming course completion (can be displayed on your website/marketing material)
  • Four post-graduate sessions providing guidance and support on how to develop your health coaching practice (developing proper forms,brochures, PowerPoint presentations, marketing strategies, etc.)
  • A personalized Integrative Health Coaching business web page. This professional web page will be located on the Nickerson Institute website, under “Find a Coach”.
  • Access to live monthly online support meetings providing continued knowledge, guidance and community with other IHC certified professionals.


Course Features

What Our Recent Graduates Say About Us

“The Nickerson Institute is a well rounded, informative, and fascinating program! I was never bored with the information and truly loved my time exploring integrative health coaching. Dr. Nickerson is always available for questions and provides great bi-weekly meeting content and speakers. You will not regret taking this course.”

Erin O'Neil Prater
Graduate, 2021

“Great course! Very informative and comprehensive! I highly recommend it even if the person taking it is not a health professional!
Thank you to Dr. Nickerson and the team!”

Dr. Faysal Tabbara
Graduate, 2022

“This course enhanced my knowledge/understanding of different evidence-based approaches to addressing common mental health challenges and increased the confidence I have in my ability to apply different skills in practice. I look forward to seeing what doors this will open in my personal and professional life.”

Brooke Hand
Graduate, 2021

“Dr. Nickerson's Integrative Health Coach Training Program provided me a framework for moving forward in my practice.  I feel confident that by completing this course I have the skills and language to coach clients in professional and ethical manner.  I was introduced to aspects of energy work that I've never encountered and that I will certainly consider in the future. Thank you!”

Anne Lyle
Graduate, 2021

Instructor Information

Dr. Wendy Nickerson smiling

The principle instructor of this program is Dr. Wendy Nickerson, founder of the Nickerson Institute for Integrative Health Training, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Canada  and the United States, university instructor to graduate students in Counselling Education and Behavioral Health Sciences, and author of “Wild Women Never Get The Blues”.

You can read Dr. Nickerson’s full bio on this page.

What's unique about this Integrative Health Coach Training Program is that it focuses on holistic mental health and mind-body-spirit connections. As part of this practice, you may find that it helps to use your own personal mind-body-spirit guidance in determining if this program is right for you.  So before registering, I encourage you to take a moment (or two...) and determine if it resonates with you and your highest purpose.

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Look what people like you have said about the IHC training program...

"The IHCTP is especially useful to holistic nurses who want to have a more integrative approach and independent role in their nursing practice. I was able to apply what I learned from the Integrative Health Coaching Program into my own nursing practice. Wendy’s enthusiasm, openness, and ability to think outside the box is phenomenal.  I highly recommend this course!"

Sandra Couts MSN, RN, CIHC
"I learned how to apply resources and techniques such as reading body language, active listening skills, motivational interviewing, and cognitive-behavioral techniques to help clients on their journey to mental health and wellness. Thanks to Dr. Wendy Nickerson for her knowledge and passion to help others in their life experience."

Lillian Cunningham
"I am so pleased that I took the plunge and enrolled in the Integrative Health Coaching Program. The program is intensive and much more focused on mental health than I had expected. As a coach and trainer, the program has provided tremendous insights into the full spectrum of non-drug treatments for physical, emotional and mental wellness."

Linda Symonds - Infinite Possibilities
"Dr. Nickerson's Certified Integrative Health Coach Training Program (IHCTP) is a terrific way for students to learn how to offer a healing space for those looking for mental health assistance and support using a variety of conventional and complementary evidence-based techniques and methods.  Health coaches are needed in hospitals, clinics, communities and schools everywhere.  Dr. Nickerson's teaching approach is light, thoughtful and inclusive. It was a treat to be in a learning atmosphere and have active conversation with such wonderful people.  The program will help you grow personally as well as professionally."

Dr. Pam Purcell BSC, ND, CBP
"Not only is Dr. Wendy Nickerson an amazing professor, but her experience, knowledge and passion to assist in resolving the mental health crisis has taught me current, effective, evidence-based, non-medical and non-evasive techniques to assist and coach people requiring mental health services with an Integrative Health Coach (IHC)."

Marlene Whitehead
"The key to my success of this IHC course was having continuous support from our instructor.  Not only did I receive the knowledge and skills necessary to become an IHC, but I was taught how to apply the multitude of techniques shared during this course to my own personal life. It has changed my life in a profound way. This course will change your life too."

Marilyn Richey
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Why become an Integrative Health Coach?

Two hands shaking in the shape of a heart
Fulfilling Career

Supporting individuals as they grow on their wellness journey of mind, body and spirit is a truly fulfilling and rewarding career.

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Career Development

For those now working in the healthcare field, becoming a registered health coach can expand your knowledge-base and broaden your opportunities.

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Personal Growth

Beyond helping others develop healthier lifestyles, our graduates attest that the IHC program enriched their own mental and physical health.

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Growing Industry

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment in the field of healthcare support educator/coach will grow 21% by 2022.

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Run Your Own Business

If being an entrepreneur excites you, we'll help you start your own health coaching practice with business and marketing tools.

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Beyond Coaching

Learn stories of how our IHC graduates used their skills to become authors, speakers, educators and advocates.

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