5 Ways I Manage Stress and Anxiety While Running My Coaching Business

I feel confident working as a coach.  I love the one-on-one interaction.  I have many tools to help my clients and can intuit where I need to go next with them. The only part of being a coach that causes me anxiety is everything related to running my own business.

But I found 5 things that help me manage my stress and anxiety about running my business.  Although they have nothing to do directly with business, they have a direct impact on it and I would be lost without them. I hope they resonate with you too.

Consistent Nighttime Routine — We all know how important our sleep is for us.  To that, I add a nurturing before-bed routine which may include some energy balancing, releasing of emotions or using  my HALO. I then do some stretching, use a massage ball on my back, put on an essential oil, and climb into bed.  I then put my hands over my heart, connect with the Divine and give gratitude.  

Lastly, I let my body know it's time for deep restorative sleep and rejuvenation – and that it is safe to do so.  That is my highest intention for every night, but it doesn't always go as planned.  The most important thing for me is to have a self-care menu that I pull from every evening depending on what I feel in of need the most.

Reaching Out to My Support Team — I am blessed to have some close family, friends, and a significant other who support me unconditionally.  I know that if anything ever went south for me, I am not alone.  I also have supportive colleagues who offer feedback and referrals.  Professional online groups are also an effective way for me to share and receive valuable support and advice.

Continuing Therapy and/or Coaching — I will never be done evolving or trying to take something to the next level.  Having professional support helps me realize my potential, see what my next steps are, and continue healing my past to clear a path to my future.

Positive Self-Talk — I've been one to consistently bite off more than I can chew, and when I don’t  measure up to my high expectations, I beat myself up internally.  It took some time to heal the low self-esteem, but now I find it much easier to encourage myself.  How do I do it?  I speak to myself as the mother of an excited, sweet five-year-old.  I tell myself what a good job I'm doing, and if I get lost in my head for a minute, I gently pull myself back and refocus without berating myself.

Putting Myself Out There with Grounding — It’s a stretch for me, but I try to consistently put myself out there.  It begins to feel normal and even good when the stretch is in line with who we are and it is small enough.  When I do it consistently, it eases my "critter brain" because I don't worry as much about whether I'm doing good/enough.  When I do begin to feel anxious (like when I go LIVE or publish a post with something personal), I do a grounding exercise which allows the anxious energy to flow through me while my mind-body relax and stays anchored in place.

If you have gone out on your own or are thinking about it, you are an amazing and brave person.  You are bringing the world your most authentic selves by daring to create the vision that is in your heart!


Krista Hoffman is a certified health and life coach with mastery level training in the Transformational Coaching Method. She is a certified Healing Codes Practitioner and Integrative Energy Psychology Healer. As a highly sensitive person who has healed from religious trauma, she has developed a program to help others recover from religious trauma and support them becoming their most authentic selves.


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