A portrait of a WILD WOMAN

(This article was published in the SW Florida Health and Wellness Magazine)

We all want to be our best selves.  Often times mental health challenges provides tumbling blocks to accessing our highest self and living out our best lives.  However, the brain is very moldable and new thought, emotional and energy patterns can be developed bringing us closer to who we really are.  A woman who masters this can be referred to as a Wild Woman – one who has gotten back in truth with her authentic self and natural instincts and lives in the highest form of her existence. She is not afraid to take off her conditioned masks.

A wild woman lives in a higher state of knowing and level of consciousness because she has reconnected to the innermost knowing that she was born with.  She is connected to her spiritual roots and is unified with the Source of all life.  You might begin to take notice of the wild women around you.  On one hand, she is quite recognizable; however, she doesn’t look any different from ordinary women.  She doesn’t necessarily wear special makeup, clothes, or garments that announce her presence.  She is mostly recognized as the one who is at peace with herself and others.  She appears to be lucky and confident and to get all the breaks and when she needs something, it just perfectly lands in her lap.  To some, it appears as though she has a large line of credit at the bank of life.

When you talk to her you realize how unique she is compared to those living at ordinary levels of awareness.  She understands the laws of energy, abundance, and attraction and she doesn’t second guess her level of deservedness. She isn’t invested in convincing others of her knowing because she realizes that she can’t make other see what they are not ready or able to see.  She feels constantly safe because she realizes that there are no accidents; and she knows that she is in the hands of spirit and anything that happens to her will be divinely orchestrated.


When you are around her for long, you begin to feel different.  She has an uplifting effect on people who are living in lower energy levels.  She uses words that radiate love, her natural state.  She does not focus on what she does not want.  A wild woman does not engage in negativity or gossip because she knows it profoundly affects her connection to her own spirit.  She has no interest in winning arguments or accumulating allies. She is able to see the bigger picture and doesn’t get caught up in the details.  She speaks with an inner conviction that allows you to glimpse her profound, yet simple knowing.  She convinces people through the energy that she exudes.

A wild woman is very kind and loving because that is the highest form of energy vibration to reside in.  She is most appreciative of the smallest of things.  She is exceptionally generous and understands the profound effects of giving things away and giving back to the world.  She sees beauty everywhere and in everyone. Others might be convinced that she needs to do a reality check and look realistically at the world.

A wild woman expects synchronicity and coincidence because she knows these are guideposts to her life’s mission.  She is not afraid to take chances in life because she realizes that fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) is only an illusion.  She does not fear death.  She is highly inspired and her thoughts are solid.  She chooses to feel good regardless of what’s going on around her; or how others might judge her.  She is aware of the need to avoid low energy and surrounds herself with other people who are uplifting, connected to Source, and high in levels of knowing and consciousness.  Because of her higher level of awareness and consciousness, she can readily access her intuitive powers.  You will know this wild woman because she will be your best friend. She could be YOU!


Integrative Health Coaches (Holistic Mental Health Coaches) are trained in techniques used to facilitate the process of deeper understanding and expanded awareness that overrides old tapes of thought and emotional patterns.  Ultimately, creating a synergy to assist clients in raising their consciousness and becoming their whole self, or in other words – a WILD WOMAN.

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Dr. Nickerson's professional experience as a psychologist and personal passion for developing the mind-body-spirit connection have fueled her success and devotion to training individuals and organizations to foster whole wellness.

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