Benefits of Becoming an Integrative Health Coach

If you asked a group of Nickerson Institute graduates what the best part is about being a coach, they would probably all give you a different answer.  For some, it’s the personal health rewards and for others, it’s the professional opportunities that being a registered coach has offered them.  

* The benefit of helping yourself *

What I find interesting is how many graduates say that they went into the program to help others and were amazed at how much they ended up helping themselves. Beyond learning valuable wellness tools, they discovered opportunities to heal and grow — that’s because in order to become a coach, we need to first understand ourselves completely and how to use the strategies and tools to work through our own challenges so that we can then effectively extend that support to our clients.

* The benefit of helping others live their best lives *

One of the innate qualities of health coaches — and all healthcare workers — is being drawn to help others live their best lives, whether that’s through nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional wellness or spiritual development. As an integrative health coach, you’ll not only learn how every aspect of wellness affects the whole person, you’ll learn how the mind can be trained to aid in the healing of mental, emotional, and physical challenges.  

Coaching tools such as motivational interviewing will help clients identify the changes needed to evolve and prosper.  Cognitive-behavioral and rational-emotive skills are used to help clients learn how to master their mind and reprogram their negative automated thoughts.  

Other skills and knowledge include the latest research on nutrients for brain health, advanced methods of energy psychology, reducing physical pain through emotional healing, mindfulness, and alternative treatments for anxiety and depression.

* The benefit of a fulfilling career with minimal investment *

Some people dream of being in a position to help others, however they think that it will require 6+ years of university.  Becoming a certified integrative health coach allows for the chance to have a fulfilling career, without the immense time and financial investment.

Our 200-hour coaching program offers the most prominent tools, strategies and research-based techniques, as well as teaching how to gain interpersonal attunement with clients — which has shown to be the greatest healing element in the coach-client relationship.

Upon receiving certification, coaches register with one of the accrediting associations and are offered myriad opportunities for continuing education throughout their years in practice.

* The benefit of a being a part of a fast-growing industry *

Health coaching is ranked as one of the biggest health trends, consistently placing in the top 20 since 2010.  According to the United States Department of Labor, the employment of healthcare support occupations in the U.S. is expected to grow 13% by 2024, which is “faster than the average for all occupations.”  Health coaching has grown to a $6 billion market in the United States, and more than 100,000 people are part of the profession.

These stats were published prior to the 2020, so employment of healthcare support occupations is expected to grow even more due to the mental health challenges brought on from the pandemic.  

* The benefit of being a Nickerson Institute Certified Integrative Health Coach*

Our program asks you to dig deep, stretch yourself, be honest and become acutely aware of who you are and how you came to be that way — and most importantly, it asks that you are committed to self-care and self-love.

Beyond the knowledge, strategies and skills you’ll develop in the program, you will receive continuous support from me, and outlets to share and grow with others in the program.  Upon graduation, you’ll find support for launching your own coaching practice, as well as opportunities to work with the Nickerson Institute.

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The Integrative Health Coach Training Program is the definition of money well spent. It is such an empowering program not just for my career but for my personal life as well. Through this program, I have been able to understand so many things about myself that will help me not only be a better, more self-aware human being, but also a very effective holistic mental health coach. Ooreoluwa Adejuyigbe, MD, 2021

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Dr. Nickerson's professional experience as a psychologist and personal passion for developing the mind-body-spirit connection have fueled her success and devotion to training individuals and organizations to foster whole wellness.

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