Overcoming A Fear Mindset

After reading this segment from www.paradigmshifttoday.com ….You live in a world that has been programmed in fear. It is hard to escape because almost everyone you interact with and yourself has become a part of this world. It is hard to see a way out. From childhood on this is the only world almost everyone knows. We are so easily influenced as a child that we can’t even see it does not have to be this way. Each generation brings the next into this fearful world blinded to the fact there is a way out. So the next generation accepts that this is the way it has to be. It is a vicious cycle. We can put an end to the cycle and replace it with a world of kindness, gratitude and love….

…you may become more aware of that fear ultimately results in internal stress which leads to mental and physical exhaustion and illness. I see people dying and suffering with chronic pain every day because of living a fear-based life.  It needs to change!

The first step to overcoming this is to realize that fear is the way we have all been programmed since childhood.  It keeps us in a box.  Unfortunately, most people do not have the insight nor the motivation to break out of the programming because subconsciously their whole lives are based on this core paradigm.  For example, the belief that if we work very hard while we are young and save our money, then we will be ‘safe’ when we get old.  However, the irony is that when we buy into this belief system, we are not ‘safe’ when we get old because we also believe that when we get old our health deteriorates which is actually a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In addition, many people are staying in jobs that are actually killing them physically, emotionally, and spiritually because they do not believe they deserve to use their God-given talents to make a living.  If you were given a desire and talent for something (travel, music, artistic talent, gardening, speaking, athletic abilities) it is because it is part of your life’s purpose and divine mission.  God would never give you this talent and then leave you hanging high and dry without food or shelter if you followed through on it!  That would be a very cruel God.  Yet, we are programmed this way, despite the millions of people who have such major regrets and remorse in their old age realizing that they did not fulfill their lives’ purpose, and ultimately will go to their graves with their ‘music still in them’.

So, back to the fear remedy.  How do you rise above it?

1. Become aware that you are fearful.

2. Change the vibration by guiding yourself to think thoughts of kindness, gratitude, and love towards yourself and your world.  

Fear cannot exist in a mindset of love vibration.  It just doesn’t happen.  Don’t wait until you get sick to start doing this. Start TODAY!

When you then develop a love-based mindset (for yourself and others), you attract people, situations, opportunities, and circumstances that provide you with contentment, happiness, and an opportunity to fulfill the purpose that you were put here on Earth to complete AND allow ‘your music to play within in’.    Start by realizing that you were meant to ENJOY your life.

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Dr. Nickerson's professional experience as a psychologist and personal passion for developing the mind-body-spirit connection have fueled her success and devotion to training individuals and organizations to foster whole wellness.

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