The Gift of Soul Level Depression

What is Soul Level Depression?

So often we think that depression is caused by neurotransmitters, environments, or a life event that is disrupting our mood.  After years of working with clients and through my own personal experiences, I have found that depression often runs much deeper than these obvious causes. The ache is not just in the mind or heart, but resonates within the very essence of our being. It’s a profound emptiness, often a result of being separated from one’s self and not being in alignment with our soul’s life purpose. There is a deep feeling of not having a clue who you are or why you are here, and having consistent out of body experiences.  

I have found that when I helped clients reconnect to this higher inner essence of self their depression has ‘mysteriously’ lifted.

Soul disconnect can be caused by being socialized to ‘conform to the norm’, rather than listening to your inner and deeper sense of self.  Reconnecting to your soul is a journey that starts in your head, advances to the psychological and emotional realms of existence, and then skyrockets into the spiritual sense of knowing, or ultimate wholeness and self actualization. It’s about gaining insight into the invisible forces that affect your life and making sense of the messages and coincidences that seem to be divinely orchestrated.

Causes of Soul Disconnect

Generational trauma is often a major cause of separation from one’s self, identity, and soul. When we are raised in environments that are neglectful, chaotic, or abusive, we learn that survival is priority.  And what does survival involve?  It involves NOT disagreeing with the values of others, and not speaking our truth, to the point that we even forget/bury our own truth, our feelings, and our soul’s essence.  

Is it any wonder that we all revel in children’s display of joy and happiness?  Is this because they are still connected to the divine wholeness of their own soul’s essence?  I believe it is so.

In adolescence, when identity development normally takes place, it is often forfeited for survival.  Without an identity, the tendency is to ‘latch onto’ someone else (usually a partner) and take on their identity.  When this happens, we further distance ourselves from our own soul, while looking for security outside of ourselves.

Childhood abuse and neglect often causes a part of our soul to break off from the core of who we are. If we think of our soul as an energetic essence of consciousness, it’s easier to understand the depth of profound emptiness and the loss of our divine knowing when we are not connected to all aspects of our soul.

Reconnecting to Your Soul

Being disconnected from our soul creates soul-level pain that traditional therapies cannot touch. Recognizing the flow of energy and training our minds to become aware of things that we are typically oblivious to helps to put together the pieces of our forgotten sacred soul’s contract.

How would it be if we changed our perception of soul-level depression from being a painful curse to an invitation to grow and evolve?

The first step is to acknowledge the void—to sit with it, unafraid. Soul level depression invites you to explore the caverns of your inner landscape. Here, you may encounter your shadows, your forgotten dreams, and the echoes of ancient wisdom.

Then you can learn to become aware of the presence of your soul (the ‘person’ who is watching you) in everyday life.  Attempting to do this may feel awkward and somewhat frightening, but it helps so much in reconnecting to the truth and totality of who you are —and all of what you really are, as well as your own greatness.

Using mindfulness and meditation practices helps to slow down the thinking mind enough for you to begin to sense your soul’s presence.  Some people actually give their soul a name, while others visualize a color essence.

Some people have to get away from the distractions/chaos of screens and social media and commune with nature for an extended period of time to do this inner work of reconnection.  Since, most people believe they don’t have this luxury, they ultimately remain in this disconnected and depressed state of being while passing on this condition of soul loss to their children through parental-child attachment and estrangement issues.

Shamanic soul retrieval with an integrous and well-practiced shaman can often help to incorporate this part of your soul back into the mainstay of your being. Soul level depression calls us to integrate our fragmented selves.

Many go on psychedelic journeys to not only experience the connection of all things, but to see their ruptured connection with their own soul.

What ever way we choose to connect to your own soul, keep in mind that this evolutionary journey will not only enhance your life, but your children, your grandchildren, your great-grand children….and the lineage goes on and on.

Listen to Soul Level Transformation

In this audio clip of Chapter 1 in Wild Women Never Get the Blues:  How to use your intuition to create your best life, Dr. Nickerson explains how we get disconnected from our authentic self as children; and provides some tips on how to become reconnected with our soul by dissolving the walls of fear and making the journey back to your wholeness.

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Dr. Nickerson's professional experience as a psychologist and personal passion for developing the mind-body-spirit connection have fueled her success and devotion to training individuals and organizations to foster whole wellness.

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