Embracing physical pain from a mind, body, spirit and energetic perspective

We used to believe that if we experienced physical pain, it was a sign that something was physically wrong in our bodies.  Over the last couple of decades, research has shown that the mind plays a crucial role in the cause of pain in the body —  especially as it relates to chronic stress.  We also know that when we can perceive pain as our friend, ironically, muscles begin to relax and the pain subsides.

Then, when we learned about the phantom limb syndrome, we realized that pain is actually energy and even though a limb has been amputated, that energy of the pain remains in the same place in relation to the person's body.  We are now evolving to begin to understand the spiritual meaning of physical pain.  Two important points I want to make here is that physical pain can be an incredible gift; and it needs to be addressed on all four spheres in order to heal — that is, physical, psychological, energetic, and spiritual.

Oftentimes however, we just gradually get used to the pain and attribute it to 'getting old', or the food we eat, or 'it runs in the family'.  It is a slow decline as we accommodate higher and higher levels of pain.  Some take more pills.  Others turn to substances for relief.  When we realize that pain is our friend, it is then that the healing begins. Pain lets us know that we may be 'selling ourselves short' and not honoring our highest knowing — the knowing that we were born with. At the very least, it slows us down so that we can re-evaluate our lives.

We have learned that treating physical pain from only a biological perspective leads to a mass crisis in opioid addictions.  Yet incorporating psychological aspects of pain, we know that trauma and fear are clear instigators of pain syndromes. So, clearing the trauma from the body and releasing the fear from the mind helps in decreasing and eliminating pain.

We have also learned that energy clearing is crucial to pain reduction — one example being the realization of pain energy that remains after a limb has been amputated. Energy clearing is often overlooked, as energy cannot be seen by most people and is not associated with pain (stuck energy) by most practitioners.  We also know that the Earth is being flooded with light energy at this time causing many people to be experiencing the Ascension process.  As our bodies are quickly trying to adjust to these higher frequencies, which are leading us to increased consciousness, many people are experiencing unexplained aches and pains.

From a spiritual perspective pain can be indicative that we are not in alignment with our soul's purpose.  For example, we may be in a relationship that is harming our spirit, or a job that is dimming our light. Or maybe we have simply become disconnected from our Higher Self.  Maybe we are living in a geographical area that has a low emotional frequencies such as fear, helplessness, and guilt.  Keeping in mind that if this is the case, the energy is not always obvious. Either way, the pain is a wake-up call that we would benefit from making some changes in our lives. We can use pain as a guidepost to let us know if we are on the right track with our life. The first step is realizing that pain is your friend.

Learn more about the symptoms associated with the ascension process / energy shift in this article.

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