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Self-paced video
10 hours
American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
Melissa Segreto, RHC
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Overview & Content

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and/or various sensitivities (light/chemicals/digestive)? Perhaps you are in the healthcare industry seeing complex cases that are difficult to treat? If so, this could be the right course for you!

The Conscious Healing course offer a holistic formula that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The first half of the course concentrates on the brain as the root of illness. You’ll learn what is happening in the brain/body, why it’s happening, and how to heal the brain and calm the nervous system.  The focus will be on identifying and shifting thoughts, feelings, actions and limiting beliefs. You’ll receive strategies to dis-identify from illness so that you can release the old programming keeping you stuck. If you’re a practitioner, you’ll learn how you can better serve and empower your clients using this information.

The second half of the course focuses on other key pieces of healing that will help you raise your energetic vibration so that you can begin to feel greater joy, love, gratitude and inner peace. You’ll learn how to shift external triggers, focus on self love and forgiveness, relate differently to others, and free yourself from your past.  

Healing ultimately happens from within. This course shifts focus off symptom management, highlights the root cause, and provides you with the pieces to enable healing to unfold through you (or to assist you in helping your clients). Although the goal is healing, ultimately the result is about becoming– stepping into your power and becoming who you are here to be.  

Course Information

Who should take the course
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  • Individuals suffering from chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and/or various sensitivities (light/chemicals/digestion)
  • Health and wellness professionals working with clients experiencing one or more chronic symptoms
  • Anyone seeking to improve their health using a simple 6-step holistic formula
Course Objectives
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At the end of the course, the participant will...

  • Understand the underlying cause of illness irrespective of symptoms
  • Identify old patterns that need to be released  
  • Learn how to consciously shift out of old patterns and disempowering states
  • Implement various strategies and tools to regulate the nervous system and feel greater joy, love, gratitude and inner peace  
  • Release the self from past limitation and allow healing to unfold from within
  • Step into the role of empowered creator in their life

"I loved the Conscious Healing course. Not only did I learn a lot about the brain, but it is so encouraging to know the power that I hold to change. Melissa does an excellent job of simplifying and clearly explaining the information, and I’ve already started implementing what I learned in the course. I found the resource section really helpful and loved the quick breaks — I found them really engaging. I would highly recommend this course to others. Thank you Melissa for creating a comprehensive course with such valuable and empowering information, and thank you for being so professional, but also compassionate and relatable."

Melanie Celentano, 2022

What you'll learn...

Training topics included in the 8 hour course

Setting a Foundation for Success
Self-reflection exercises to shift old patterns, stay on track, and promote healing
Overview of Root Causes of Symptoms
How illness manifests and what to do about it
6-Step Holistic Healing Formula
Shifting thoughts, feelings, behaviors and beliefs to create positive change
Handling External Triggers that Keep You Stuck
The what, why and how of getting into a flow state
Cultivating Flow in Your Life
A focus on self-love, self-care and more…  
Reconnecting With Your True Self
A new perspective to help shift and release the negative impact of external triggers
Stop Self Sabotage and Promote Healing
A detailed look at ways we get in our own way, how to change this, and tips for healing
Course Review
A summary of key course takeaways and a special offer

$397 USD


Most countries can pay with a credit or debit card as a Guest. No Paypal account needed.

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Digital certificate of completion
For professionals / accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Seal from the Nickerson Institute
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Discounts on other courses
for continued support and self-development

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"We are capable of so much more than we deem possible. Our bodies have an innate capacity to heal – your body wants to heal. Health is its natural state. Only you hold the power to create positive changes in your life. This course provides the tools and guidance to help you release the old. It’s time to step into your authentic, healthy, strong, joyful, vibrant self…and you can."

Melissa Segreto

Instructor Information

Dr. Wendy Nickerson and Jeannette Folan

Melissa Segreto, B.A. Psychology, RHC

The principal instructor of this program is Melissa Segreto. She is a registered Integrative Health Coach, with certifications in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Subconscious Release Technique (SRT).

Having suffered from chronic illness for years, Melissa knows what its like to be told “it’s all in your head”... “you just need to learn to deal with these symptoms”... “we don’t know what’s going on”... or “take this pill, it’ll help”.

She can tell you firsthand that you don’t need to live with managing symptoms, and it most definitely ISN’T all in your head. Over the years, after having explored every option, Melissa began learning about the body’s incredible capacity to heal —mainly that through rewiring the brain and ultimately shifting our vibration, we can heal ourselves.

External forces are irrelevant when we hold the power. This course will show you how to step into your power and heal, or how to help someone else. Using the 6-step holistic formula she teaches in this program, Melissa was able to heal herself. Just as she did, so can you!