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Aaina Babbar
Mira Loma, CA | US

Training: Certified Integrative Health Coach Training Program, Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences

Registered with: Health Coach Alliance and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

My career as an Integrative Health Coach was born from aprofound passion for holistic well-being and a steadfast commitment to aidingindividuals in their quest for optimal health. Over time, I came to realizethat my life experiences had significantly molded my viewpoint regarding mentalhealth and the vital role of holistic wellness. This realization fueled mydesire to make a meaningful impact and offer support to those who may haveencountered similar challenges.

After an extended period of personal healing and introspection, I made theconscious choice to embark on a path as an integrative mental health coach. Myvision was to fuse traditional therapeutic methods with alternative andholistic approaches, thus providing a comprehensive and compassionate frameworkfor mental health support.

Informed by my own life journey, I firmly held the belief that healing shouldencompass not only the resolution of psychological issues but also theconsideration of physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Embracing therole of an integrative mental health coach has enabled me to create a secureand empathetic environment wherein my clients can freely explore their trauma,fears, and emotions.

Through tailor-made coaching sessions, I assist my clients in recognizing andaddressing limiting beliefs and patterns, fostering the development ofeffective coping strategies, and nurturing self-compassion. My unwaveringdedication lies in empowering individuals to reclaim their inner strength andresilience, thereby enabling them to lead enriched and balanced lives.

My own personal journey has imparted the profound lesson that healing is anongoing and multifaceted process. It is imperative to approach mental healthchallenges holistically. By seamlessly integrating a spectrum of therapeuticapproaches, I can offer a more comprehensive and efficacious support system formy clients.

Today, I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to serve as an integrativemental health coach, utilizing my personal experiences as a wellspring ofempathy and understanding. Bearing witness to the growth and transformation ofmy clients is exceptionally rewarding, and it fortifies my steadfast belief inthe potency of holistic healing as a beacon on the path toward mentalwell-being. My mission remains resolute: to guide individuals steadfastlytoward healing, resilience, and inner peace, one step at a time.

My coaching style consists of a person-centered approach, cognitive-behavioral coaching, solution-focused coaching, strengths-based coaching, motivational interviewing, trauma-informed coaching, and narrative coaching. Additionally, I integrate traditional therapeutic techniques with complementary approaches such as mindfulness, meditation, and holistic practices.

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