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Cathy Matarazzo
Winnipeg, MB | CA
  • Ordained Spiritual Peace Minister
  • Certified Spiritual Healer
  • Certified Professional Reflexologist
  • Certified Integrative Health Coach
  • Indian Head Massage Practitioner
  • Body Sugaring Practitioner
  • Certified Meditation Instructor

A huge portion of my work is done long distance or online as a means of providing convenience to all of my clients worldwide.

Many years ago, I had been given the name HEART DOCTOR from my clients. My work has always provided me the opportunity to basically help people “get real” with their world, their life, relationships, health – you name it! This is accomplished by offering them a very safe trusting environment in which they can feel free enough to just be who they really are, absent of any of the fears or judgments that they may have become accustomed to carrying. Once a safe space has been created, it is here where they can begin to find their way back into their hearts and start to reconnect to that deeper part of themselves, their truth, the part that has been hidden for sometime. It is here where the person will find the inner power and courage to make the necessary changes they are wanting to embrace in their life.

The work served is very sacred in nature and one that I respect in the greatest of ways. To be welcomed into the heart space of another human being is NOT something that I EVER take for granted. In fact just the opposite, it is very much held carefully and with the utmost preciousness and reverence for the magnificence it truly deserves. By creating a safe trusting environment, the journey of one’s healing and remembrance of deep intimate truths can be explored and transformation into awakened freedom and peace attained!

I have spent the better portion of my life serving others in this capacity through the many different healing modalities I offer. It has been a calling and my life’s work moreso than my job or profession.

The work is meant for anyone who may find themselves dealing with uncertainties of any kind. There is nothing bigger than what the heart can heal – this has always been my motto and to this day still is after having been blessed to serve over 30 years. I cannot put my ideal client into a little box as I truly believe that anyone that is breathing and has a heart can be a client ONCE they realize that they have hit a wall and change needs to happen.

Freedomwake is not only the name of my wellness practice, it is the nature of the work that is served from my heart. A wake to freedom basically is the celebration of the awakening to one’s own inherent freedom!

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