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Diane Akkad
Edmonton, AB | CA
Business Phone: 587-316-6139

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My own journey through the sometimes-exasperating medical system is what brought me to this path and wanting to help others achieve their optimal health by focusing on getting well and not only symptom relief. I was diagnosed with Cervical dysplasia after we lost everything in the Fort McMurray 2016 fires. I was told surgery was my only option and I needed to hurry before it was too late! I looked around the room and saw fear and tears in the eyes of these women and I felt the same, but that quickly turned to anger.

I didn't even know what cervical dysplasia was and the scare tactic didn't appeal to me, so I decided to research everything possible about it and all other treatments available. To my surprise, I found numerous other options, all safe with no side effects and I had time to try them. I kept my appointments with the oncologist for monitoring purposes and told her I wanted time to try and heal on my own. She agreed to 3-6 months.

Well after 6 months and a lot of lifestyle changes on my part, I had reversed my cervical dysplasia naturally without surgery or side effects. When I saw the oncologist, she said to her student, "Sometimes we see spontaneous regression". I said it wasn't spontaneous, I worked hard to get myself back to health and balance, so my body healed! I went back to my family doctor and asked her why she didn't tell me about the other options...She said because she could only speak about the standard of care.

It was then I decided to help others who wanted to know all of their options before making a decision. I went back to school and became a licensed health coach and certified holistic nutritional consultant; I continue to research everything health related that I can get my hands on.


I specialize in cervical dysplasia and helping women take back their lives. Many times, we as women go through the motions and do what we need to do in life and manage our responsibilities whatever they may be, then one day for various individual reasons, we come to realize:

A-We thought we were happy, but we actually aren’t.

B-This isn’t us and we aren’t sure who we are anymore because we left ourselves somewhere in the past.

C-We didn’t realize how much we neglected ourselves spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

This is very common, and you are not at fault, but we need to get back to basics of what we want in life and who we are inside. All these discrepancies can lead to various health conditions over time such as depression, anxiety, cancers, weakened immune systems and much more as our bodies struggle to keep up with it all.

I currently work with women 18+ over the phone, video or in person.


I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology between the University of Ottawa and Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. I am a graduate of The Nickerson Institute of Health Coach training. Board certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Licenced through the Health Coach Alliance. Plant based nutrition studies graduate from E-Cornell University, Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine and Certified in Holistic Nutrition Consulting from CSNN.

I have taken numerous courses, webinars and trainings on health, wellness and self development and never stop researching new ways of healing.

Work History

Integrative Mental Health & Wellness Practitioner
Integrative Mental Health & Wellness
Founded 2018 – Present
Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Integrative Mental Health & Wellness focuses on training the mind to heal mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. It encompasses interwoven evidence-based aspects of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural techniques, neuroscience, health psychology, positive psychology, energy psychology and behavioural nutrition. Healing aspects of spirituality and the power of perception, insight, awareness, thoughts, and words.

Early Learning Childcare
Edmonton Islamic Academy Preschool
2018- Present
Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

The largest Islamic school in North America ranked #1 in University Magazine.

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