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Janine O'Keefe
Ottawa, ON | CA

Janine O’Keefe is a Registered Integrative Health Coach and founder of JOK WELLNESS, a mental health and spiritual based coaching practice. Janine empowers people to heal their trauma & PTSD through Mental Health Coaching and Energy Healing. As a former police officer with 14 years of experience, she has been through her own trauma and struggles with PTSD. Janine is an Empath and has training in the Akashic Records and is a Usui & Violet Flame Reiki Master, she incorporates these modalities in the Energy Healing Sessions she offers. Janine is passionate about personal growth & self development, mental health, trauma, addictions, all things supernatural & metaphysical, fitness and the outdoors!

"The smallest step is a step in the right direction"

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