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Jeannette Folan
Halifax, NS | CA

Business Name: Whole Self Care (or Jeannette Folan Health Coaching)


Jeannette is a passionate integrative health coach specializing in Highly Sensitive People. Drawing upon her personal experience as an HSP, she first authored a teen novel "Diary of a Teenage Empath - The Awakening", then created a digital workbook "Energy Skills for Highly Sensitive/Empath Teens" and a children's activity book "Discovering the Power of Sensitivity". She is also a co-developer/instructor in the Nickerson Institute's HSP Certification Training program for mental health professionals.


I believe that happiness is not an end goal, but a byproduct of discovering who we really are and awakening to our true nature. What this looks like in a coaching session is not an examination of problems, shortcomings and mistakes, but rather a process of exploring, learning, practicing and becoming who you were put on earth to be.

One-on-One Coaching

The one-on-one coaching program takes a CREATIVE versus REACTIVE approach. It will challenge you to adjust your beliefs, be an advocate for your whole self, and take ownership of every moment of your life so that you can uncover your best, most powerful YOU. Available for face-to-face, web or phone sessions.

Hybrid Coaching

This is a lighter version of the full coaching program. It offers much of the same material, but in a self-study format with a few one-on-one "check ups" to ensure you're getting the most out of the material. This program utilizes web, email and phone sessions.


  • Video or phone sessions
  • Works with teens, adults and parents of highly sensitive kids
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Support material included for many aspects of development

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