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Monique Helou
Lebanon/Oman 70030133

Monique Helou - RHN,RHC, MPH

As Holistic Nutritionist, I use evidence-based and science-based tools to help guide clients through their health goals and concerns. Recommendations include dietary, lifestyle, and supplementation changes. Like most holistic health care practitioners, I look at an individual as a whole. That’s why recommendations don’t only include dietary changes. An R.H.N. looks at your complete health history, current diet, and lifestyle habits. We take into account how stressed you are, are you sleeping, are you exercising, etc. Through our intake process, we work with the root cause to identify imbalances in the body and make recommendations based on all of that .For dietary recommendations, I take a whole foods approach with the belief that natural nutrition is a tool in preventing diseases and bringing the body back into balance.  

Being a Registered Integrative Health coach enabled me to help people discover the "why" behind their desired health change. I empower people as the experts on their own bodies, minds and circumstances. In addition, I help them identify challenges and blind spots that are preventing changes. I always try to use my broad knowledge of health and wellness to help my clients navigate a variety of health concerns.

Earning my Master of Public Health (MPH) could be the best way to achieve my goal of "helping people live healthier lives". I advise patients who suffer from alcoholism, mental health issues, drug addiction, eating disorders, or other behavioral problems. I evaluate patients’ health, recommend treatment programs, educate family members on how to support loved ones with addiction or behavioral disorders, and refer clients to other services, such as job placement organizations and support groups.

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