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Suzanne Balcom
Halifax, NS | CA

My story  

I wanted to become a coach after personally experienced a huge gap in the medical system 8 years ago and I had to become a HEALTH ADVOCATE when my husband woke up one day and did not know who I was.  He had started to show serious symptoms both mentally and cognitively. There was no definitive diagnosis for his symptoms, resulting in seeking medical attention outside of our home province first (where he was misdiagnosed) and eventually we saw one of the world's best known neurologist's at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. Even then with a solid diagnosis, not one medical professional (except the Amen Clinic in New York ) asked anything about lifestyle, nutrition, health history, mental health history or even family genetic history. With an eventual working diagnosis of the neurodegenerative conditions of Dementia with Lewy bodies and Mild Parkinson's, there was still no mention of what we could do to help him and the condition.  We were simply prescribed medications and advised to "get our affairs in order, expect the best and prepare for the worst." 

That was 8 years ago. Turns out everything we did — including vigorous daily exercise and rigorous brain healthy nutrition and simplified life style design with mental wellness practices — are a part of the integrative health coaching protocols; and it was those practices that fostered improvement of my husband's symptoms and had his Dr's scratching their heads and questioning the diagnosis in the first place because, as they explained, "You cannot improve from a degenerative condition."

When I asked if we could test his improvements we were told that there are no tests for improvements, only tests for decline. That is why I wanted to become a coach. To keep my skills sharp to help myself, my husband, my children and any one else who wants support . 

Coaching focus  

My coaching focus is health advocacy and many of my clients are caregivers. I work with them to support their health and well being (without a healthy caregiver, everyone's health declines). I am especially versed in Parkinson's , early stages of dementia (the earlier the better), brain healthy movement and nutrition, as well as lifestyle design to support these pillars of well being. I also find great joy in supporting people who are ready to make a change in their health and need structure and support, working with premenopause (can start in your late 30's) and perimenopause (late 40's to early 50's and post menopause).

I am a great accountability partner and health advocate.  I jokingly say to my clients, " will do it for you, but it will be more financially feasible if you do it for yourself". Sometimes, you just need to know someone sees you, hears you and believes in you. And sometimes, you just need to know who to work within a system and speak up for and advocate for yourself or a loved one. 


Many of my clients say...

" Suzanne keeps us accountable and we can hear her voice in our heads when we want to quit or give up. She really holds us to it." 


Scheduling a session

I see clients in person and virtually on zoom or Skype or FaceTime all over the world. Most of my clients reach the goals they set within 3 months and we typically meet for an hour once a week. I also work very closely with the client's health care team and have extensive experience in communicating and working with health care providers & professionals — in particular, Family Doctors and specialists, as well as complementary health care professionals such as physiotherapists, massage therapist, acupuncturists and mental health professionals. 

Let's start with a conversation and see if we are a good fit.  Here is to your health and well being . 


"You are the gatekeeper to your body and mind and soul, reclaim and retain the keys to your health. " 

Suzanne Balcom 
Registered Integrative Health Coach 
Member of Health Coach Alliance  

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