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Overview & Content

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and/or various sensitivities (light/chemicals/digestive)? Perhaps you are in the healthcare industry seeing complex cases that are difficult to treat? If so, this could be the right course for you!

The Conscious Healing course offer a holistic formula that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The course: Social-Emotional Regulation and Development in Teens, explores integral aspects of social-emotional regulation and development in youth. It covers practical strategies and examines the biopsychosocial factors that influence teenage social-emotional wellbeing and regulation. It is a course that equips educators, counselors, and caregivers with ample information to be able to support teens’ social-emotional wellbeing and development.

The first part of this course examines the importance of teenage social-emotional development and regulation. You will be able to define social regulation and emotional regulation as well as understand the function of social-emotional regulation in a teen’s day to day interactions. You will also be examining the role of different environments such as the home, school, and sociocultural environments and their impact on a teen’s social-emotional development. You will also be exploring different ways to support teenage social-emotional development by regulation techniques.

The second part of this course will take a deeper dive into the impact of the environment on social-emotional regulation and development. You will be learning about the impacts of labeling teens, the social media epidemic, and parenting while teens are stressed out. You will have a chance to reflect on ways to support teens in realistic and sustainable ways by having access to personally curated resources that you can utilize at any time.

The last part of this course will be looking at ways to build resilience in the youth. This part will examine ways in which we can cultivate internal resources in teens and make external resources accessible for them. You will also focus on ways in which you can foster social-emotional regulation in schools and the barriers that exist that can make resilience more challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Is this course accredited? Yes, this course is accredited and overseen by Dr. Wendy Nickerson, Licensed Psychologist

- If so, who is the accrediting body? American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

- Do you get CEU’s for this course?  Yes

- If so, how many and how do I claim them? You will need to contact your regulating body to determine if the course material qualifies and how many CE units it substantiates.

- Can I contact the Instructor for course-related questions? Yes

- Will I receive feedback for my final project? Yes, detailed feedback will be provided.

Course Information

Who should take the course
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  • Caregivers who have teens and want to work on repairing relationships with them and are keen to understand what impacts a teen on a biopsychosocial level.
  • Counselors and Educators who want to broaden their understanding of social-emotional regulation and development.
  • Health and Wellness Professionals who are working with the youth and want to learn about self-regulation skills.
  • Anyone who is interested to understand teenage self-regulation and the factors that influence its development.

The Social-Emotional Regulation and Development in Teens is a course that is relevant to caregivers, counselors, and anyone who is interested in understanding social-emotional wellbeing from a holistic perspective.

Course Objectives
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At the end of the course, the participant will...

  • Apply effective strategies to support the youth with emotional regulation.
  • Identify the role of social interactions and relationships in the youth.
  • Understand the complexities related to social-emotional development.
  • Develop skills to create supportive environments that foster healthy social-emotional development.

What you will learn…

Training Topics included in this course –  

Topic 1
Why is teenage social-emotional development and regulation important?
Topic 2
Neglect and separation issues
Topic 3
Teen’s need for approval
Topic 4
Supporting cultures and diversity in
Topic 5
Important tips for caregivers and their teens
Topic 6
How environmental pressures impact a teen’s social-emotional development
Topic 7
Risk and protective factors for substance usage and mental health
Topic 8
The biopsychosocial model of care
Topic 9
Developing a social-emotional regulation toolbox for teens
Topic 10
Development of a hypothetical program for teens

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"I am delighted to recommend Fajr Nishat, the Counseling Coordinator at Beacon Private School. In her role, Fajr has demonstrated exceptional dedication, empathy, and professionalism, making a significant impact on our school community.

Fajr's ability to connect with students, understand their unique needs, and provide tailored support is truly commendable. Her compassionate approach helps students navigate both academic and personal challenges, fostering an environment where they feel safe and supported. Her keen insight and expertise in counseling have been invaluable in promoting the overall well-being of our students.

Fajr has also been instrumental in supporting the change of direction in terms of counseling at Beacon. She developed strategies to implement a positive school environment with restorative approaches to manage conflict. Her initiatives have been pivotal in creating a more harmonious and inclusive atmosphere within our school.

I am confident that Fajr Nishat will continue to excel in her career, and I wholeheartedly endorse her for any future endeavors. She is a true asset to any educational institution."

Dinis Costa | International educator

Instructor Information

Fajr Nishat

Fajr Nishat

The instructor of this program is Fajr Nishat. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Northeastern University from Boston, MA and is a Registered Integrative Health Coach, who is certified in Social Emotional Learning and is a Trauma-Informed Care Practitioner (TIC).

She has worked as a:

- Counseling Coordinator for middle and high school students.

- Mindfulness & Wellbeing Teacher for middle and high school students.

- Mentor for young adults.

- Early Years Educator for young children.

More than her professional experience, Fajr understands how rough times during the teenage years can have long term impacts. “This course allows me to give justice to my own teenage years… I hope that caregivers, educators, and others can develop strategies to provide support in any small way they can for teens in their community.”

Fajr says “It isn’t too late to re-establish a connection with the youth. All they need and want is a safe space to express themselves without feeling judged. Building the basics of trust and rapport can change the game.”

This course will help you show up for yourself and for your teen. It will also help you gain more awareness of the roots of social-emotional wellbeing.

Healing truly is in your own hands

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