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American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
Jess Stafford
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Overview & Content

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and/or various sensitivities (light/chemicals/digestive)? Perhaps you are in the healthcare industry seeing complex cases that are difficult to treat? If so, this could be the right course for you!

The Conscious Healing course offer a holistic formula that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Life today is tough for kids, teens and emerging adults. Let’s face it. It can be tough for us adults. So, imagine what it’s like for them navigating this rapidly ever-changing world.

Are you passionate about today’s youth and the status of their mental health? Are you curious about how to support them? Are you interested in providing today’s youth with tools to empower them and take ownership over their mental health and wellbeing? Are you ready to help them tap into their own energetic and creative powers?

Are you an integrative health coach, health and wellness professional, educator, movement specialist, energy practitioner, parent, caretaker or anyone with a vested interest in helping kids learn self-managing and coping strategies in order to thrive - mind, body and soul?

With the rising need for attention given to childhood and adolescent mental health and wellness, this course takes a deep dive into how we can integrate somatic, energetic and creative strategies when working with this demographic. While children and adolescents are not always able to articulate what they are experiencing, using alternative approaches, like these, become a vehicle for expressing what might not yet be understood yet or verbalized.

Whether in a coaching setting with children, clients with children, or even parents themselves, this course aims to provide understanding and education in order to support our youth. Touching upon childhood trauma and its effects, topics will cover possible future outcomes and ways in which to interrupt the negative cycle. Modules also cover accessible tools and exercises, children and adolescents can feel empowered with, to identify triggers and self-regulate their own mental health issues and needs. Creating mindfulness and internal awareness early-on is a prime example of how we can offer support to today’s youth. The hope and goal is to then build upon these lessons into adulthood and life situations (and have some FUN in the process.)  And isn’t that all we really want? To see the kids in our lives happy and healthy, with clear heads and full hearts?

Course Information

Who should take the course
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  • Integrative Health Coaches
  • Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Educators
  • School Administrators
  • Movement Specialists, (Yoga Teachers, Dance Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Dance Therapists etc.)
  • Parents – Caretakers
  • Teen – Young Adults
  • Energy Practitioners
Course Objectives
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At the end of the course, the participant will...

  • Evaluate and assess the current worldwide urgency for youth mental health attention
  • Understand the staggering statistics as related to the current mental health crisis of today’s youth
  • Recognize some of the root causes contributing to these statistics
  • Discover the effects of past parent trauma and the direct relationship to children
  • Learn ways in which to create awareness and make connections with children
  • Familiarize oneself with ACE’s and the ramifications of early childhood trauma
  • Learn ways in which ACE’s can be interrupted and prevented
  • Understand what Prana is, how energy moves through various pathways and its effect on mental health and wellness
  • Develop an understanding of somatic experiencing and how it works
  • Discover the benefits of somatic practices within childhood and adolescent demographic
  • Practice simple somatic exercises when working with clients
  • Learn about the effects of energy psychology and how it is used
  • Learn and utilize energetic, somatic and creative strategies for preschool-elementary aged children
  • Learn and utilize energetic, somatic and creative strategies for tweens, teens and young adults
  • Synthesize prior knowledge from modules into final creative assignment

"This is our school’s third year offering the Be Well program to our preschoolers. Jess has an innate ability to meet each age level where they are at. Her program is interactive and approachable. She encourages the children to talk about feelings, breathe, and move in ways that help them build a foundation for emotional awareness and growth, a skill that is so essential for children. The children LOVE ‘Miss Jess’ and feel deeply seen by her. Their self-esteem and positivity is enhanced through this excellent program."

Jeannine DiBart and Gail Porter, 2023

What to expect in each module...

I encourage you to take your time and pace yourself. Try and put yourself in the shoes of a child or adolescent. View things from their vantage point. Immerse yourself in their world. How do they think? How might they be feeling? What makes them tick? How might today’s climate and culture affect them? How might they respond to some of the activities?

Each module will cover a different topic and include two or three videos, teaching presentation, discussion and writing/creative assignments. At the end of each module, a resource list is also provided to add to your coaching support arsenal.

At the end of the course, you will find a final creative assignment. Here, you will cumulatively use everything you’ve learned throughout the course and develop a tool, exercise or strategy you can then add to your own coaching toolbox.

Module 1
Today’s Youth and Mental Health
Module 2
ACE’s and Childhood Trauma
Module 3
Energy and its Effects
Module 4
Somatic, Energetic and Creative Strategies –
Pre-K- Elementary School
Module 5
Somatic, Energetic and Creative Strategies –
Adolescents –Tween –Young Adult
Module 6
Final Creative Assignment

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Course Features

"Jess creates a warm, positive environment in which to grow. Her genuine nature is evident as she guides you on your journey. I always leave feeling both relaxed and full of positive energy. She is everything you want in an integrative coach and yoga instructor!"

C. Eleftheriades, 2023

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive:

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"In our plugged in world, full of comparison, it was such a joy to watch our students engage in mindfulness with focus on themselves and one another during the BE WELL workshop. Jess led a wonderful meditation and prompted such thoughtfulness and reflection for our teens. The younger students learned some new ways of moving as well as thinking, with mantras."

Mary Ingersoll, 2023

Instructor Information

Dr. Wendy Nickerson and Jeannette Folan

Jess Stafford

Jess is a Board Certified Integrative Health Coach with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is also an RYT-500 with specialized certifications in Prenatal-Postnatal and Restorative Yoga. Following her professional dance career, she earned her M.A. in Dance Education from NYU. She also earned her BFA in Dance Performance from UMASS Amherst.

To her work, Jess brings a, “go against the grain,” integrative approach, honoring each individual’s process. She also brings her contagious enthusiasm, down to earth energy, honesty, love of connecting mind, body and soul and passion for empowering people’s fullest potential.

Because of her own journey, Jess has always been an advocate for promoting mental health and wellness. She became passionate about youth mental health quite a few years ago, when becoming a mom and working with her dance students. While she has always integrated mindfulness practice into her classes, she found (particularly during and after Covid,) that prioritizing her students’ mental and emotional health was essential. She found ways to weave in journal writing, guided meditations, breath-work and conversations as a way to promote self-esteem and positivity, as well as encourage frequent “check-in” sessions. She also gave students creative ways to use movement to express how they were feeling during this unprecedented time.

Upon further reflection, it became clear that this was a great and necessary opportunity to develop an initiative for children and teens in all settings. With her background, her objective would be about offering students a holistic insight and empowerment into themselves. Her teaching was now to include the offering of tools in which to spark awareness of how to self-manage one’s own mental and emotional health.

As the lead instructor for this course, Jess hopes to provide those with a vested interest in today’s youth, ways in which to support the children in their own lives. Meeting kids where they are at and providing them with a caring, safe, laid-back environment can open many doors. It can nurture them to trust, try new things, energetically focus and vent inwardly and outwardly, reflect, ask questions, be candid, laugh and also take some “quiet time” for themselves. It is here where the groundwork is laid for mental readiness and coping skills. Also – and most importantly, reinforcing the notion that it’s OK to feel what you feel and it’s cool to be exactly who you are in the space you are in at any given moment in time.

Jess is also the creator of 44 Yoga + Movement and BE WELL: Yoga and Wellness School Program.

For more info on Jess and her offerings visit

Healing truly is in your own hands

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