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Dr. Wendy Nickerson
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Overview & Content

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and/or various sensitivities (light/chemicals/digestive)? Perhaps you are in the healthcare industry seeing complex cases that are difficult to treat? If so, this could be the right course for you!

The Conscious Healing course offer a holistic formula that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This course is designed for individuals and professionals who seek additional information and knowledge related to the impact of trauma on the brain and body, often creating conditions of chronic pain and illnesses through mind body mechanisms (better known as Psychoneuroimmunology or PNI); and the strategies and interventions that can be used to effectively decrease this occurrence and break thought pattern cycles (often intergenerational) that are maintaining illness and pain in the body. Mindfulness techniques is only one of these interventions. The modules in this course are taken directly from Nickerson Institute’s Certified Integrative Mental Health Coach Training Program.

Trauma and stress are very closely related to chronic illnesses and pain. Most people are not aware that pain and illnesses become chronic because the psychological and emotional system keeps the entire body in a state of disharmony and ‘dis-ease’.  It is impossible for the body to heal when unresolved trauma causes stress hormones to constantly flood the body creating chronic inflammation, not to mention how it affects the organs in the body (including the brain), and the body’s inability to maintain a functioning immune system.  In sum, a mind-body connection keeps this cycle of illness and pain in constant circular motion.  

In particular, individuals with specific diseases tend to have certain thought and emotional patterns that can either cause or worsen physical conditions.  For example, cancer is very highly correlated with the tendency to experience generational guilt; helping clients become aware of this and providing them with tools to begin to change these long-standing beliefs, thought patterns, and chronic emotional conditions is crucial to their healing.

Course Information

Who should take the course
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  • Individuals who want to gain knowledge and understanding of the repercussions of experienced trauma, how it affects their mind and body, and methods to reduce and/or prevent both mental and physical symptoms
  • Health and wellness professionals who want additional mind-body or psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) knowledge and expertise for their clients; and the tools that can be used to break cycles of both mental and physical suffering
  • Wellness Coaches who want to expand their level of mental health expertise through mind-body connections and gain tools in psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) that they can use to help their clients who may also be suffering from chronic illnesses and pain

The Social-Emotional Regulation and Development in Teens is a course that is relevant to caregivers, counselors, and anyone who is interested in understanding social-emotional wellbeing from a holistic perspective.

Course Objectives
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At the end of the course, the participant will...

  • Recognize thought patterns that contribute to specific chronic illnesses and chronic pain syndromes
  • Understand the mechanisms through which stress and trauma cause chronic illnesses and chronic pain syndromes
  • Gain knowledge of tools used to help break these mind-body cycles
  • Develop a repertoire of mindfulness stress reduction strategies
  • Practice simple mindfulness techniques
  • Apply additional therapeutic interventions used to reduce the effects of trauma on the mind and the body

What you will learn…

Training Topics included in this course –  

Specific thought patterns that are associated with specific chronic illnesses and chronic pain
How trauma (either intergenerational or otherwise) creates the foundation for developing chronic illness and chronic pain
One of the most under-acknowledged types of childhood trauma that leads to adult illnesses
How to use the Emotional Guidance Scale to reliably help clients bring their emotions up to a higher frequency
Aspects of mindfulness that have been shown to be beneficial in changing key areas of the brain
The importance of radical (soul level) forgiveness throughout the healing process
Rational emotive techniques to alter destructive thought patterns (both conscious and unconscious)
Cognitive behavioral techniques used to reframe self-sabotaging narratives.

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Trauma and Stress, Mind-body Connections (Psychoneuroimmunology - Chronic Pain and Illnesses) with Mindfulness and Therapeutic Interventions

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Instructor Information

Fajr Nishat

Dr. Wendy Nickerson

The principle instructor of this program is Dr. Wendy Nickerson, founder of the Nickerson Institute for Integrative Health Training, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Canada  and the United States, university instructor to graduate students in Counselling Education and Behavioral Health Sciences, and author of “Wild Women Never Get The Blues”.

Read Dr. Nickerson’s personal story and full bio on this page.