Program Information

Self-paced video
10 hours
American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
Health Coach Alliance (HCA)
Canadian Association of Integrative Nutrition (CAIN)
Eligible for NBCC Home Study Credits
Dr. Wendy Nickerson
Jeannette Folan, RHC


"Excellent course. Informative, engaging and creatively made. I didn't expect it would cover so much and open me up for new methods of helping HSPs (and also non HSP)!

I am so happy that I took this course and I would recommend it to all - both for those who are new to the HSP trait and those who already have some knowledge about the topic."
daria turowska,
stress coach - poland

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Program Overview & Content

In the late 1990’s the Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) trait (also known as Highly Sensitive Person or HSP) was identified by Dr. Elaine Aron and colleagues. Affecting 15-20% of the population, this trait has a strong influence on the ability to interact and thrive in the everyday world as common stimuli from the environment produce uncommon reactivity in the nervous system of HSPs, resulting in biological and psychological challenges. Many clients are being treated for depression and anxiety without acknowledgement or treatment of their underlying SPS/HSP trait.  This is crucial to their overall psychological health and recovery.

Why become HSP certified?

  • Highly Sensitive People account for 15-20% of the population
  • 30-50% of therapy clients are HSPs struggling with depression, anxiety and other mental challenges
  • Identifying as an HSP relieves many psychosomatic issues
  • The methods & support for HSPs are different and far more effective than what is appropriate for other clients
  • The more HSP certified professionals there are, the more awareness will be brought to this unique trait and subsequently, improved/effective care will be more readily available


At the end of this course, the participant will…

  • Understand how to assess the sensitivity trait in their clients
  • Identify common mistaken conditions and characteristics
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the neurological process of sensory processing sensitivity
  • Identify HSP’s common mental challenges and therapeutic needs
  • Implement multiple appropriate therapy methods
  • Possess tools that stimulate positive change in the client’s wellbeing


The 8 session course covers the following material:

  • Overview of the Sensory Processing Sensitivity trait
  • The Neurological Process & Physiological Challenges of HSPs
  • The Psychology of HSPs
  • The Social-Emotional Challenges of HSPs
  • HSP Self-Care: Motivating your Client and Avoiding Pitfalls
  • In-Session Practices & Traditional Therapy Methods
  • Alternative Therapy Methods and Spirituality
  • Program Review

Suggested Qualifications for the HSP Certification Program

  • A licensed social worker, therapist, counselor, or psychologist or
  • Certified Health Coach, nurse, child or elderly care worker
  • An ability to commit approximately 20 hours over a 6-month period

*This course, while presented in English, is appropriate for international bi-lingual participants.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive:

  • A digital certificate accredited by the AADP, CCPA, CAIN/CHA, or NBCC
  • A seal from the Nickerson Institute confirming course completion (can be displayed on your website/marketing material)
  • A 100+ page digital Energy Skills workbook for HSP adults
  • A digital copy of  a “Discovering the Power of Sensitivity: A Guidebook for Parents and Activity Book for Children”
  • A  personalized listing in online directory for HSP certified professionals
  • A guide offering tips for how to market yourself as an HSP trained professional on your website and social media (includes content for your website)
  • A quarterly professional bulletin providing continued knowledge and resources for you and your HSP clients
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Course Features

Instructor Information

Dr. Wendy Nickerson and Jeannette Folan

View sample view from HSP training course (3:45)

The principle instructor of this program is Dr. Wendy Nickerson, founder of the Nickerson Institute for Integrative Health Training, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Canada  and the United States, university instructor to graduate students in Counselling Education and Behavioral Health Sciences, and author of “Wild Women Never Get The Blues”.  You can read Dr. Nickerson’s full bio on this page.

The supporting instructor is Jeannette Folan, integrative health coach, author, educator and advocate for Highly Sensitive people. Jeannette has presented workshops across North America to mental health professionals and the mainstream population. She can often be heard as a guest presenter on online summits and podcasts.  To learn more about her, visit her website.

The guest presenters in the HSP program include:

Carla Sodi, MEd is a health coach and author specializing in highly sensitive people with autoimmune issues.

Suzanne Velasquez-Sheehy, Ed.D. is a former teacher/principal, author and energy psychology specialist who demonstrates the benefits of EFT/tapping for emotional regulation.

Yvonne Czarniak is an author, tai chi instructor, and advanced eden energy medicine practitioner who shares specific practices for highly sensitive clients.

Dr. Michael R. Smith is an intuitive HSP/empath, coach, mentor and author who shares his vast knowledge and experience on the benefits of spiritual support for sensitive clients.


"I loved this course. It was highly informative and I am excited to put the information into practice with my clients!"

Megan Phillis
"Highly professional, engaging, deep, amazingly well done and with so much valuable material that the course turns out to be an ongoing lifetime instrument to learn about ourselves and our clients.  One of the best courses I have ever had in my entire life."

Dr. Leonardo Mazzei | Austria
"What a wealth of information! This course has exceeded my expectations by a lot. Not only have I personally learnt a lot of new things related to the subject of High Sensitivity, but it also provides extremely valuable materials in working with HSP clients. Thank you for this wonderful course!"

Lena Mutschler | Health Coach student, Greece
"The information presented in the course was fascinating, especially that related to a clinical perspective, which is hard to find anywhere else. I appreciate the time you took to compile this information and connect it to the current research and studies that exist. This saved me a lot of time and effort, and also helped me to feel more confident as an HSP in a helping role for HSP clients."

Lisa Morrison | Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) and Life Coach Practitioner
"I recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn and professionalize for HSPs. It was both an informative and a fun course!"

Figen Sekmen Süzük | Certified NLP & Life Coach
"Excellent course. Very informative. The course format makes further exploring a topic discussed in session easy.  Very glad to have completed this training!"

Victoria Cop | Registered Psychotherapist, MEd, RP, CCC
"I have been working with clients for the past few years that are highly sensitive.  This course taught me valuable information and confirmed especially the therapies I practice.   I did not know so much was related to infancy, trauma and attunement."

Barbara Gilmore | Registered Counsellor, British Columbia
"I enjoyed participating in this course. I found it useful and rich in extra material and information."

Maura Cavalcanti | Italy
"I found the program easy to follow. It kept me engaged. I encourage everyone to participate in the course, it is an extremely valuable experience."

Aleksandra Kubala -Kulpińska
 | School educator, pedagogical therapist, special educator and coach
"As we are learning how common the HSP trait is both in humans in general, but more specifically, in the therapy room, it is becoming increasingly vital that therapeutic helpers understand, appreciate, and feel confident in working with this population.  This course is a great fit for helpers new to the concept of the highly sensitive personality, as well as to those who are HSP's themselves and have understood and worked with the trait for years. "

Tricia Klassen | Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"I learned a lot about Energy Psychology and have already been able to pass this information along to my HSP clients.  The overview and suggestions provided with this section will help me guide my HSP clients in finding the right tools for themselves. "

Lisa Franklin MSW, LCSW, CSAYC | Peace Family Counseling
"Very useful and a lot of great and informative references! A great value!"

Raffaello Saracini | MND Coaching
"It was so resourceful! Everything was presented in such a detailed and professional manner, that I was never bored or wanting more.  I especially liked the video materials to explain how the HSP's perceive the world. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed this course! And will be sharing all the wisdom with all my clients in Estonia!"

Hanna-Leana Kuus | Executive Coach
"I knew quite a bit about HSPs, but I still found this course very interesting and learned a lot.  I highly recommend the course to other mental health professionals."

Lian Kirksæther | Certified Coach & NLP Master Therapist
"I loved it! It empowered me in a fluid way to better understand what it is to be a HSP, get acquainted  with tools to act on my  daily life, know therapeutic tools that I can use with my clients. It's an enlightenment."

Sofia Loureiro |
Certified Natural Practitioner, BSc, MNat, PhD
"The course shows in-depth knowledge about how to relate to HSPs and how to help them in therapy."

Susana Gonzalez

This is the best course of action for truly understanding HSPs

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