Program Director

Jeannette Folan,
Certified Integrative Mental Health Coach

I worked in multi-national corporations for over 20 years and then struck out on my own as a marketing consultant for small businesses. While it was always evident to me that mental health played an important role in the success of both the individual and the organization, it was only when I experienced my own mental health challenges that realized how essential it is.

Becoming an integrative mental health coach and educator has deepened my understanding of people and how I can best serve them.  My role as Program Director for the Nickerson Institute allows me opportunities to support the students' personal and professional growth.

Professional Bio

Jeannette Folan

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  • Bachelor of Business Communications | Roosevelt University, Chicago/Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Registered Integrative Health Coach | Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training
  • 15+ years as Marketing Project Manager for multi-national corporations including Kraft, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amersham/Medi-Physics, Siemens Molecular Imaging
  • 20 years as independent Marketing Consultant for small businesses (< $5 million)
  • Integrative Mental Health Coach and Educator/Course Developer

Jeannette Folan — workshops, conferences and summits

May 2021 | Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology | Virtual Conference
One Day Workshop: Effective Mind-Body Tools & Techniques for Trauma, Resilience, Self-Confidence and Performance
March 2020  | The Shift Network Evolved Empath Summit
Online Interview: Learning How to See The God In Everyone
November 2019 | From Hiding to Thriving HSP Series | Host, Sabine Minsky
Online Interview: Understanding and Shifting the 3 Highly Sensitive/Empath Energy Modes
October 2019 | The Sensitivity Summit | Host, Melissa Schwartz
Online Interview: Emotional Literacy in Highly Sensitive Children
September 2019 | Reconnect Halifax | Halifax, Nova Scotia
Workshop: Mind-Body-Spirit Energy Routine for Highly Sensitive Women
May 2019 | Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology | Santa Fe, New Mexico
Conference Learning Lab: Is Your Client Highly Sensitive? How to Assess HSPs and Use EP/Energy Practices
December 2018 | Empath Academy with Dr. Michael R. Smith
Online Interview: Identity Challenges with HSPs/Empath

Marketing Director

Dr. Laura McCallum

I started my career in packaged goods marketing in Toronto which really immerses you in a strategic approach to marketing. My career took me to many industries and corporate cultures, from Canada to the USA and back again. I worked in small start-ups and large organizations and worked in good cultures and toxic ones! Each team of people that you work with gives you new learning opportunities - what you want to do more of and what not to do. 

Learning is a passion of mine. I earned my Doctorate in Business Administration while working full time. I am curious about what makes us tick, how do we encourage potential customers to buy, how do we build a better business.

As a marketing consultant, I encourage business owners to focus on strategy first, to look at their business objectively, and to help them define 'what does success look like for you?'. It is not always about getting rich or famous or both - instead it is about pursuing their passion or finding personal fulfillment.

Professional Bio

Dr. Laura McCallum

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  • Doctorate of Business Administration, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
  • Masters in Business Administration, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • 30+ years as a marketing leader in the consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, and retailindustries
  • Independent marketing and strategy consultant for 3 years
  • Business mentor for small business for 3 years